Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well I had a show opening this weekend two nights and lots of people. It was great fun and not as cold as trying to sell painting in the rain and cold at Bethesda several weeks back. Much easier to get comfortable with the client when it is warm. I only sold 2 paintings at the reception but that is probably a really good record with people holding on to their money these days. One of the things I am shooting for is to begin to sell paintings to persons who are not in my social circle buyers from outside who love the work and find what I am doing to be exciting and creative. I feel like this show is introducing me to a bigger less familiar audience. By the way although I am not driven to accolades it does help the ego when people who I don't know walk accross a crowded room to tell me my work is spectacular and unbelievably good. Enough patting myself on the back because the next time they might be saying it is drivel so I have to keep painting what I believe in.

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